CatDog Theme SongEdit


Created By

Peter Hannan

Send In the CatDogEdit

"Send In the CatDog"

Written By

Steven Banks

Supervising Directors

Robert Porter

Scott Wood

Storyboard Director

Barry Bunce

Storyboard Artist

Antoine Guilbaud

Animation Director

Brian Ray


Denis M. Hannigan

DogTom Kenny

CatJim Cummings

Sgt. Sillybells: Billy West

Big Clown: Maria Bamford

Small Clown: Tom Kenny

Susie: Maria Bamford



Written By

Dean Stefan

Andy Rheingold

Music By

Denis M. Hannigan

Directed By

Derek Drymon

Robert Porter

Larry Leichliter

Radio DJ: Billy West

CatJim Cummings

DogTom Kenny

WinslowCarlos Alazraqui

MervisJohn Kassir

Mr. SunshineBilly West

ShriekMaria Bamford

CliffTom Kenny

LubeCarlos Alazraqui

Telephone Recording: Maria Bamford

Fishing for TroubleEdit

"Fishing for Trouble"

Written By

Andy Rheingold

Supervising Director

Russ Mooney

Storyboard By

Dan Povenmire

Storyboard Artist

Vikki Barrett

Animation Director

George Chialtas


Denis M. Hannigan

DogTom Kenny

CatJim Cummings

Carny: Jim Cummings

WinslowCarlos Alazraqui

Veronica: Tom Kenny

CatDog: Send In the CatDog/Fetch/Fishing for Trouble Credits (February 15, 1999)Edit

Executive Producer

Peter Hannan


Jim CummingsCat, Carny

Tom KennyDog, Small Clown, Cliff, Veronica

Billy West: Sgt. Sillybells, Radio DJ, Mr. Sunshine

Maria Bamford: Big Clown, Susie, Shriek, Telephone Recording

Carlos AlazraquiWinslowLube

John KassirMervis

Supervising Producers

Mario Piluso

Ken Kessel

Line Producers

Jennifer Pelphrey

Paul C. Fabela

Supervising Story Editor

Dean Stefan


Peter Hannan Steven Banks

Andy Rheingold Robert Porter

Derek Drymon Dean Stefan

Production Managers

Kimberli Kitaen

Jennifer Blohm

Production Coordinators

Alissa Diaz

Nikki Gayle

Main Character Design

Peter Hannan

Character Design

Zeus Cervas

Matt Davis

Character Layout

Elyse Whittaker-Paek Erik Wiese

Butch Hartman Alex Kirwan

Zac Moncrief Bob Boyle

Bernie Petterson Deborah Cone

Tory Lowitz Kevin Murawshi

William Schwab Patrick Dene

Prop Design

Joe Daniello

Bill Dunn

Tina Girard

Character & Prop Clean-Up

Ed Acosta

Heath Cecere

Kim Martin

Layout Supervisors

Sam Kirson

Bill Flores

Olga Guerdjikova

Layout Artists

Brian Mark Kenny Pittenger

Charles Payne Hugh McDonald

Greg Michaelson Steve Lowtwait

John Magness Claudia Stegall

Antoine Guilbaud Mike Pettingill

Ceasar Martinez

Background Supervisors

Kit Boyce Nick Jennings

Background Painters

Alice Tsay-Park Shelly Shinjo

Kathy Kim Bill Dunn

Honore Gauthier

Background Coordinator

Walter E. Hong

Background Assistant

David Wigforss

Color Production Supervisor

Teale Reon Wang

Supervising Color Stylist

Deborah Bennett

Color Key Assistants

Yvonne Cseko

Cynthia Surage

Casting Director

Ginny McSwain

Casting Supervisor

Lisa Kossey

"Fetch" Animation Director

Christine Kolosov


Brian Arnold Yasha Varga

Brian Robitaille

Sheet Timers

Tim Long Ray Pointer

Neal Warner

"Fetch" Storyboard By

Rob Porter Derek Drymon

Eric Wiese Vikki Barrett

Miyuki Hoshikawa

Revision Supervisor

Mike J. Smith

Storyboard Clean-Up

Tina Girard Ysty Veluz

Robert Rosen Ed Acosta

Octavio Rodriguez

Script Coordinator

Neil Martin

Production Assistants

Deborah George Dave Warden

Nikki Gayle Jay Spake

Executive Assistant

Linda Barry

Production Interns

Sascha Escandon Magdalena Guillen

CatDog Theme Song

Written and Sung By

Peter Hannan

Produced By Arranged

Denis M. Hannigan

Post Production Director

Heather Adams

Picture Editor

Julie Lau

Post Production Supervisor

Jessica Dorff

Dialogue Editor

Matt Corey

Sound Supervisor and Mixer

Timothy J. Borquez

Supervising Sound FX Editor

Tom Syslo

Sound Editors

Les Wolf

Eric Freeman

Dialogue & Foley Mixer

Brad Brock

Foley Artist

Diane Greco

Re-Recording Mixers

Timothy J. Borquez Timothy J. Garrity

Music Mixer

Leslie Chew

Sound Services Provided By

Horta Editorial & Sound Inc.

Film Recording

Digital Film Works

On-Line Editors

Dan Aguilar Barry Cohen

Kip Gibson

DaVinci Colorist

Dexter P.

Post Production Services

Hollywood Digital Anderson Video

Encore Video

Digital Paint & Compositing

Virtiual Magic USA

Animation Services

Rough Draft Studio, Korea

Overseas Supervisor

Mark Petlock

Larry Leichliter

Thanks to

Albie Hecht

Marjorie Cohn

Kevin Kay

Executive in Charge of Production

Brian A. Miller

Production Executive

Eric Coleman





"CatDog" and all related logos, titles and characters

are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

(C)1999 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. All rights reserved.

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