President Manuel L. Quezon mentioned in his speech: “Policies and achievements of the government and regeneration of the Filipino”, the word “self-restraint”. According to Meriam-Webster  dictionary, self-restraint is the control of one’s own actions or feelings that keeps one doing things one wants to do  but should not do.

            Self-restraint is not an active power among the Filipinos today, according to him. Most of the Filipinos of today, abhor discipline, either moral or physical, forgetting that self-discipline is the most effective process to build fortitude of body and spirit.

People are in a society where they engage in a lot of activities which threatens their personailities. Self-restraint should be the characteristic that a person should adapt in order for a living to be more efficient. Self-restraint basically means self-control. This characteristic of people is very crucial to their part because with this they will be able to do work more effectively. Self-control may lead to a better future. What would happen to a society if the people living on it are not having self-control? That would really be a very big question to us. Lack of Self-control is neither a sufficient nor a necessary condition for crime to occur, because other properties of the individual or of the situation may counteract one’s likelihood of committing deviant acts.

            If not all but most of the people just wanted an easy and idle life not knowing that to work is to give them a good future. That characteristic of a person lacks Self-restraint, because if you know how to control yourself then you would tend to do things that would benefit you but not things that would ruin you.

Self-restraint would make you a wiser person. Self-restraint will make you a disciplined person. And most of all, a Filipino with a  self-restraint will help make a difference in our country. With this, an abundant and successful nation will be achieved.




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