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Executive Producers

Butch Hartman and

Fred Seibert

Created By

Butch Hartman

The Fairly OddParents In:

"Boy Toy"

Written By

Butch Hartman &

Steve Marmel

Storyboard By

Butch Hartman &

Jim Schumann

Art Director

Bob Boyle

Special Guest Star:

Jay Leno as The Crimson Chin!

Directed By

Butch Hartman

The Fairly OddParents In:

"Inspection Detection"

Story By:

Butch Hartman and

Steve Marmel

Written By:

Spencer Green

Storyboard By:

Butch Hartman

Art Direction:

Bob Boyle

Directed By:

Butch Hartman

Executive Producer

Butch Hartman

Line Producer

Deidre Brenner

Story Editor

Steve Marmel

Production Coordinators

Randy Saba

Lewis Foulke

Production Assistants

Anna States

Diana LaGrandeur

Script Coordinator

Jenny Nissenson

Executive Assistant

Molly Minus

Music By

Guy Moon

Fairly OddParents Theme Song By

Ron Jones & Butch Hartman

Character Designer

George Goodchild

Layout Designers

Bob Boyle

Larry Murphy

Steve Lewis

Prop Designer

Bruce Largent

Additional Designs

Brad Landreth

Model and Layout CleanUp

Ray Leong

Andre Nieves

Donna Zeller

"Inspection Detection" Storyboard Revisions

Shellie Kvilvang

Heather Martinez

Background Painter

Dan Chessher

Color Key Stylist

Holly Kim

Final Checker

Michelle Bryan

Supervising Recording Engineer

Krandal Crews

Recording Engineer

Justin Brinsfield

"Boy Toy"


Timmy, Kid #1,

Lawn Mower Kid: Tara Strong

Cosmo, Dad: Daran Norris

Wanda, Mom: Susanne Blakeslee

Vicky, Tootie, Boy #2: Grey DeLisle

Chester: Frankie Muniz

AJ: Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

Albert Einstein, Boy #1,

Boy #3, Doidle: Dee Baker

Crimson Chin Doll: Jay Leno

Singer: Guy Moon

"Inspection Detection"


Timmy: Tara Strong

Cosmo, Dad,

Crimson Chin Doll: Daran Norris

Wanda, Mom: Susanne Blakeslee

Chet Ubetcha: Jim Ward

Chester: Frankie Muniz

AJ: Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

Francis: Faith Abrahams

Casting By

Cara Newman

Sarah Noonan

Production Dialogue Supervisor

Tony Ostyn

Dialogue Editor

Matt Corey

Michael Petak

Picture Editor

Otto Ferrene

Assistant Editor

Jeff Adams

Post Production Supervisor

Athena Lobit

BG Scanning Department

Steven Kellams

Steve Christian

Eric Stanton

Additional Post Production Services

Mishelle Smith

Justin Smith

Post Production Sound Services

Advantage Audio, Inc.

Sound Effects Editor

Michael Warner

Dialogue Editor

Robbi Smith

Foley Artist

Phyllis Ginter

Foley Recordist

Marilyn Graf

Re-Recording Mixers

Ray Leonard

Michael Beiriger

Digital Audio Transfer

J. Lampinen

Post Production Services

Modern Videofilm

Telecine Colorist

Dan Judy

Animation Production Services

Yeson Animation Studios

Special Thanks to

Margie Cohn

Mary Harrington

Albie Hecht

Kevin Kay

Herb Scannel

Mark Taylor

Production Executive

Rico Hill

Executive in Charge of Production

Lolee Aries



"FAIRLY ODDPARENTS" and all related logos, titles and

characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

(C)2001 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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