Hello, I need some help with my wiki known as Fanon and Data Wiki. I want to create a character info box but It isnt working. Can anybody help me?

I tried it like this but it didnt work:

Template:Nektaria Mpekou
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender {{{Identifies as a Lannister}}}
Status {{{Unfortunately Alive}}}
Appearances {{{The worst result}}}
Portrayed by {{{portrayed by}}}

| name = [defaults to pagename] | image = File: [optional] | imagewidth = [optional, defaults to 250px] | caption = [optional] | Real Name = | Current Alias= [optional] | Aliases = [optional] | Occupation = | Identity = [optional] | Alignment = [optional] | Home = [optional] | Affiliation = [optional] | Family = [optional] | Year Born = | Birth Place = | Creator = | Universe = }}

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